We are an eclectic kayak club of kayakers, travelers, photographers, book lovers, movie buffs, dog lovers, up close, personal and eager to show you new unexplored places.


Demo –  His kayaking art is multilayered, lyrical and strongly affected by Romanticism and the School of Athens.

– What would you jump in the deep end for?
– Pleasure only!


Polya – Each boat causes a chain reaction within her leading to the release of a huge amount of energy. Gladly, the energy is absorbable.

– How could you possible know all the stones in the river?
– I don’t know them. It is the deep spots I know well!


Tanya – She is an electromagnetic emission, magnet fields and cosmic neutrino. She heals everything using salty water: sweat, tears or sea.

– How many languages do you speak?
– In fact, I interpret.


Chavdar Rambo Zhibaush, the PR!
A cheerful cosmopolitan, rich in proteins and poor in calories and saturated fats.
Kind and sleek.

– Do you swim?
– Swimming is for Labradors. I sail!

*Eclecticism (from Greek εκλέγω, picked out, select) is a conceptual approach that does not hold rigidly to a single paradigm or set of assumptions, but draws upon multiple theories to gain complementary insights into a phenomenon or apply a theory.

Eclecticism is often used in different fields of knowledge. Physics, for instance, uses the Newton’s laws to predict the movement of the match, Einstein’s relativity to foresee the motion of galaxies and the quantum theory to explain the movement of electrons and kayaks.

In art, and especially in architecture and decorative arts the eclecticism term denotes the mixed use of elements from different styles in a single work.

In psychology, eclecticism champions assert that there are so many factors influencing behavior that it is impossible not to take into account all perspectives to identify, change, explain, and determine human behavior and say why on Earth once you have tried kayaking you want more and more of it …

Eclecticism was first mentioned by a group of ancient Greek philosophers who tried to select from existing philosophical doctrines those that seemed most reasonable to them. Famous Greek eclectics were Stoics Panaetius and Posidonius, Roman School ones include Cicero and Seneca, and the Bulgarian School of eclectics is represented by us, Tudurini Bros Eclectic Kayak Club.

Hence the conclusion that we consider it unimportant who is who and why, if they came for some kayaking with us.