Kayak Photo Weekend at Kerkini Lake, Greece

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Fancy watching intriguing and, most of all, lots of birds and taking some fantastic photos? Then Lake Kerkini is just the right photo kayak destination for you. It is one of the best birdwatching spots in the world because of the 300 or so bird species you can see there including pink flamingo, Dalmatian pelican, black-headed gulls, pygmy cormorant … and perhaps bigger ones too. We offer you a photo weekend, the best way to get close to the birds. Plus we have a strategy and a road map to reach the top photo locations without disturbing the birds. Our campsite too will make the best of sights, light and sound. To make things even better, we occasionally have Ivan Dobrev, a master of kayak photography, with us to guide us and provide some handy photo tips.

Our Offer for a Kayak Photo Weekend at Kerkini Lake

We depart on Saturday morning at 7 a.m. from Orlov most’s parking lot. We advise you to have shopped on a 2-day food supply. Alternatively, we can stop by at a nice but staples-only shop in Kresna. We enter Greece at the Kulata border check point. The lake is located some 30 km after we cross the border, a 4-hour drive. We arrive and set up camp. After we prepare the tents and the kayaks, we get some snacks and some coffee, and get into the lake.

What follows is quite hard to depict. It’s like being asked to describe a gig or a theatre performance. Was it good? How did you feel? Well? …
How are you to describe something like that? It is a personal experience, often an elevating one too. Feeling one with nature and so on and so forth is obvious so let’s summarize:

– a stunning place and guaranteed pics and birds without feeling too controlled (take extra memory cards);
– two days of paddling on a recreational kayak (no previous experience is required);
– camping out in the wild and with a crowd that speaks the same language as you, a language where F8 is not a key;
– comfortable ride, tents, pads, basic camping equipment.

Price: 195 EUR