Kayak Trip of Meganisi Island, Greece

The island is located some 5 km east of Lefkada Island in the Ionian Sea. Also known as the Island of Sailors, Meganisi is a hidden heaven.
Meganisi Island stretches on some 35 km and a full kayak tour around it will take us 2 days. Since it is far away from Sofia (some 750 km) we will enjoy a two-day travel in the pleasant atmosphere our trips ensure. We will camp out and travel by kayak only.

Day 1 Departure after 7 p.m. (or in the small hours of the next day depending on the arrangement with the group). We take off from the Orlov most’s parking lot located on the right near the bus stop heading to NDK. We arrive in Lefkada on the next morning. We pack up, load the kayaks, paddle to reach Meganisi, then paddle some more and set up camp.

Day 2 and 3 Paddling around the island and enjoying amazing sights. There is lots to see: the harbour of Veti, the island’s biggest town, with its atmosphere and watersphere; the Papanikolos Cave and its cave-like body that is only accessible by water, i.e. by kayak; the little settlement of Katomeri and the traditional houses there that are 100 years old or even older and the narrow streets that we have to sidle up in case we are wearing our broad shoulders; museums – none; and there are dozens of other things that you are about to discover both about the island and yourselves. No need to say we are camping out at night time. Plenty of secret beaches and unforgettable sights.

Day 4 Pack up and arrive in Sofia by the evening.

All trip details will be discussed between the group prior to the trip: departure time, what and how many to pack, meals, water and fun.

Price: 395 EUR/person

* Price includes transport from & to Sofia, instruction, kayak, life vest, paddles, guide, sleeping tent, mat, basic camping gear.
** Tudurini Bros. has the right to improvize and change the trip itinerary due to weather and any other key details regarding your safety and pleasure.