Lefkada Island Kayak Tour

Lefkada Island or Leucas or Lefkas is mystic and as craved as a carbon paddle is by a kayaker. The name of the island means white which mostly refers to the rocks in its southern part … but not only. It is the birthplace of poet and author Aristotelis Valaoritis whose works are heroic and revolutionary, packed with supernatural elements and allegories hinting of Romanticism. Since he has not been translated and was not a kayaker we will dwell on his persona no longer and focus on our tour instead. The island lies some 750 km away from Sofia which we will take in about 10 hours in the pleasant atmosphere of our own joyful crowd. Chances are we will travel by night so you may get nothing of the ride.

The kayak tour of the Lefkada Island covers some 100 km and it will take us 5 days. There will be no car accompanying us on the mainland and we will only camp in the wild and whenever possible white beaches. There is no need to mention all of the remarkable places there, especially if names such as Kathisma, Gyra, Nidri and the bays of Milos and Ayas don’t ring a bell. Suffice to say that nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to seeing them upon reaching them in a kayak.

We will not miss out on the small islands around Lefkada, namely Meganisi, Scorpios and Sparti. We will have time to discuss them and the legends that surround them during our tour. As with all of our trips, we will round it up with a hula party, pack up and get back to Sofia some 10 hours later.

We will be paddling some 25 km a day which is perfectly within the capabilities of a person in a good physical and psychic shape and with no kayaking experience.
All details will be discussed with the group prior to departure including how much water, food, clothes and „what else“ you need to pack. We will also mail you a list of things you need to pack as well as the ones we can provide.

Price: 480 EUR/person

* Price includes transport from & to Sofia, instruction, kayak, life vest, paddles, guide, sleeping tent, mat, basic camping gear.
** Tudurini Bros. has the right to improvize and change the trip itinerary due to weather and any other key details regarding your safety and pleasure.