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Kayak expeditions in Greece

Lefkada Island Kayak Tour

Lefkada Island or Leucas or Lefkas is mystic and as craved as a carbon paddle is by a kayaker. The name of the island means white which mostly refers to the rocks in its southern part … but not only. It is the birthplace of poet and author Aristotelis Valaoritis whose works are heroic and revolutionary, packed with supernatural elements and allegories hinting of Romanticism. Since he has not been translated in ….

Kayak Trip of Meganisi Island, Greece

The island is located some 5 km east of Lefkada Island in the Ionian Sea. Also known as the Island of Sailors, Meganisi is a hidden heaven.

Kayak Tour of Skiathos and Tsugria Islands, Greece

The island of Skiathos stretches on some 50 sq m. Despite its small size, it is truly amazing as its 44 km long coastline is dotted by over 60 beaches. It is the most western island of the Northern Sporades (the scattered ones) and lies some 5 m off the mainland (1 hour of leisurely […]